Monday, October 16, 2006

Argus endorses Chris Ward!

Considering that the Argus endorsed Theresa Brennan for the primary, John Kerry in 04, and Granholm, Levin, Butch Hollowell, and Gary Peters in 02, this is a bit of a shocker to me. I think the negativity from McGonegal's "Communications Guru" has hurt him badly.

Chris has done a good job for us. He's been in the forefront for trying to tackle the school funding issue and road funding. I don't agree with all of his campaign finance measures (We had a lot of discussions over that issue), but he's taken a stand there, and has been consistant there for the past four years which I respect. He's also solidly pro-2nd Amendment and pro-life. He's always pushed for election integrity, and after Gore tried to steal the election in Florida (and Kerry stealing Wisconsin, and Dino Rossi "losing" in Washington) - we need election reform in the worst way. Requiring photo ID to vote is a much needed start. We need to keep our elections watchdog and send Chris back to Lansing.

From the Argus

As a township trustee and later a clerk in Brighton Township, Ward was a key player in forging regional cooperation between the city of Brighton and neighboring townships to more effectively provide government services for taxpayers.
He has shown that same skill in Lansing, where his peers selected him as the House majority floor leader.

In his position, he has worked with some notable success at gaining additional revenue for Livingston County's under-funded public schools and roads. He took the lead in writing and passing legislation that consolidated all Michigan elections into four specific dates. And he has worked diligently — sometimes to the chagrin of members of his own party — at seeking more effective ethics and campaign finance reform laws.

Ward has an impressive grasp of the issues at play. He is a proud Republican, but he has shown that when it comes to issues, he is both well-versed and willing to work constructively with legislators on both sides of the aisle.

As part of his effort to address public school financing, Ward also understands that spending is an important part of the equation. Despite discouraging recalcitrance by many in the House and Senate, Ward continues to work to address the untenable costs of health-care benefits and retirement obligations in the public school system.


Communications guru said...

There is no way you could have been surprised by this endorsement. I was shocked that they made that endorsement without conducting endorsement interviews. The newspaper, as well as every newspaper in America, has conducted endorsement interviews from school board candidates to as far up as the have access to, in this case U.S. Representative. Why they broke tradition here I have no idea. John Kerry’s endorsement was based on his and bush’s records and the televised debates. What they based Ward’s endorsement on I have no idea because his record is one of questionable ethics and he lost the one debate he participated in.

Blaming me is ridiculous. How many times have I challenged you, as well as Ward’s supporters, to show me a personal attack and to refute anything that has been written? I’m still waiting. If we make an incumbent’s record out of bounds we might as well just do way with elections.

As for stealing elections, you are famous for it. The voter ID bill was passed for one reason only, to cut down voter turnout among minorities that trend to vote Democratic. What problem was he addressing with that bill? Where’s the widespread fraud he’s addressing? There is none. When he should be working on increasing voter turnout he’s trying to reduce it.

If he wins we will get two more years of the same old business as usual politics in Lansing.

As for the rest of the post I have already debunked it on my blog.

Luther said...

what is happening here

Bush Counts on Allies in Iraq, Asia to Stop Violence, Nuclear Weapons

Big Kahuna said...

CG: Here is the amazing part. You are so busy being negative and nasty that you clearly don't realize it. Frankly I am happy that you took that tact. It has helped out Mr. Ward. Your approach has made you and your candidate look desperate from the beginning. While pointing out what you believe to be Mr. Ward’s problems you fail to point out your candidates strengths. That does not resonate with the voters. I think you should change your blog name to Communications Novice.

Communications guru said...

Again, since when is an incumbent’s record and conduct in office off-limits. For the 100th time, I challenged you or anyone else to show me a personal attack and to try and refute anything I have written about him. I’m still waiting. Luckily we do have term limits because with that attitude no incumbent would ever lose.

When everyone is clamoring that the economy is the number one issue we have an experienced candidate with more than 28 years of actual experience in business and with family values and one who has never held a job in the private sector. We pointed out both Mike’s strengths and positions. You know that.

Pogo said...

How easy it is to endorse the likely winner in non competitive races.

The Press & Argus is endorsing Republicans in races where Democrats don't have any chance of winning only because it allows them to claim that they are unbiased in their editorials.

The real test comes in hotly contested races - how many Republican nominations will we see there? I predict none.

liberals Hate America said...

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday that Arizona can go ahead with requiring voters to present a photo ID, starting with next month's general election, as part of the Proposition 200 that voters passed in 2004.
In order to cast a ballot at the polls, voters must show a photo ID with current street address or two forms of identification, such as a utility bill or car registration, with name and street address.
Its about time, you have to have a photo ID to fly; you have to have a photo ID to rent a movie why are the liberals apposed to a photo ID to vote. Even the demented ex-President Jimmy Bob Carter endorses this practice.
I would also add dipping ones thumb in indelible ink to stop the DemoRATS from voting 10 times each in past elections.
When are the liberals going to stop the stealing elections mantra, YOU LOST, yet your supposed superior minds are in denial. The Fla election was subject to Fla state laws and was deemed so by the US Supreme Court. You cannot change the rules after the election as the Fla Supreme Court tried to do.
A fact is a fact is a fact PERIOD.