Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Marcinkowski fails to get endorsement of Lansing State Journal

Amazingly, the famously left-wing Lansing State Journal does not endorse Jim Marcinkowski.

If Marcinkowski displayed more depth and temperament for the wide array of issues that will confront any congressman, he might have been a choice.

It sounds like his "Vote for me, I'm a Joe Wilson hanger-on" and loose cannon temperment turned even the LSJ off. His campaign's whining email about no endorsement made their point too.


Pogo said...

Even newspapers have a hard time ignoring the fact that Rogers has done a good job while Marcinkowski has nothing to offer. The Democrats will have to come up with a much better candidate if they ever wish to seriously challange Rogers.

Stands Right said...

marcinkowski is a moron. that became clear when he decided to dis' his own democrat handlers in the new york times.