Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 9 and 10 - Debates

The Argus and League of Women Voters are holding debates for legislative candidates on the 9th and judicial candidates on the 10th.

The debates are at Howell High School at 6PM.


armywife1 said...

FYI~ DeVos rocked tonight!

dems_2006 said...

DD was less than truthful about Alterra holdings ... not the 1% he stated ... 20%!!!!

Copy-and-past from MichiganLiberal

Wauwatosa-based Alterra Healthcare Corp. said Friday that Patrick F. Kennedy, an executive of Holiday Retirement Corp., an Alterra investor, has been named interim chief executive officer effective immediately.
Financially-troubled Alterra, the nation's largest operator of assisted living residences, had been without a CEO for a year.

. . .

We will continue our search for a permanent CEO for Alterra but do not expect to conclude our search until our restructuring is substantially completed," Jerry L. Tubergen, Alterra board chairman, said in a statement.

Tubergen is executive director of the RDV Corp., the investment vehicle of the DeVos Family, which owns 20% of Alterra."

Communications guru said...

He rocked what? The The truth from stretching it so much. After watching that poor performance how can anyone think the amway guy is qualified to run anything, let alone our state? I don’t care how much money he has.