Sunday, October 08, 2006

Trouble in Marcinkowski's paradise

I'm not usually a fan of the NY Times, but they had an interesting article here about Marcinkowski.

He talked to Representatives Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader; Steny Hoyer, the Democratic whip; and Rahm Emanuel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. All urged him to run, especially Mr. Emanuel, who called several times, and even shipped him a thank-you cheesecake after he had agreed to run.

Mr. Marcinkowski says everyone promised their full support.

“That and a buck-seventy will get you a nice cup of coffee at Starbucks,” he said, adding that if he could do it again, he would have sought assurances that the campaign committee would devote ample “resources” — also known as money — to his race.

He says many of the Democrats who enticed him to run abandoned him after his fund-raising lagged and they deemed other races to be more winnable. “Sometimes I feel like the marine who they sent charging up a hill,” he said. “Then the marine looks back over his shoulder and wonders, ‘Hey, where’d everyone go?’ ”

Now there are several scenarios plausible here.

1. The Times made the whole thing up. Possible, but unlikely considering the stuff I've seen from this campaign.
2. Overrated candidate. Marcinkowski's whole plan is "Vote for me, I'm a buddy of Joe Wilson." Since it wasn't Karl Rove that ran his mouth, the whole thing crashed and burned, causing Rahm Emmanuel to cut his losses.
3. Rahn's a jackass and played Marcinkowski to get him to run. I don't agree with the far left Daily Kos crowd on much, but when it comes to Rahm Emmanuel, they are right. The Bill Clinton disciple has the loyalty of his mentors.
4. Mike Rogers is going wipe the floor with Jim Marcinkowski, and both Marcinkowski and Emmanuel wants to avoid blame for this loss, passing the buck to each other.
5. Combination of #2,3,4.

I'm going with scenario 5 here.


Communications guru said...

I was wondering why it took you so long to spin the NY Times article, dan. If I was cynical, which I am not, I would say why would you believe anything the New York Times writes because of the “liberal media bias” myth, but I know that’s just an old, tired republican strategy. I have no doubt the story’s accurate.

The truth is that since the republicans gerrymandered this district to make it safe for rogers in 2001 a republican will most likely win this district no matter how many more republican scandals and corruption will continue to see and how badly the republicans continue to screw up this country. But for you to say he “will wipe the floor with him” is a ridiculous statement.

Apparently, you don’t want your politicians to be held accountable, and mike rogers will continue to ignore the people of the 8th District.

Stands Right said...

Yo, Jimbo!

It’s the classic “chicken or the egg” argument, success breeds success and failure breeds … nothing. In your case Jimbo, others could read the tea leaves where you could not and saw that no Democrat could beat Mike Rogers. Especially, not some peculiar former GOP turncoat whose claim to fame is hangin’ with Val down on da CIA Farm.

So, go ahead and blame the Democrats, just like you now blame the GOP for “leaving you behind.”

Stands Right

Big Kahuna said...

Guru: Your comments about Ward and Rodgers that they 'ignore the people'is getting old. Don't you have anything better? Could it be that the two candidates you are supporting are out of touch with what the people of this area want? Me thinks so! In my humble opinion your two guys don't have a chance.

Communications guru said...

You’re right, it is getting old having politicians represent us here in Livingston County who ignore the voters and are not accountable because they know after they win the primary they can ignore the voters and concentrate on representing the people who make big campaign contributions.
It’s funny, but in Detroit, Downriver and other areas that are predominantly Democratic areas the incumbent often has a primary challenge. Here in Livingston County, this summer saw the first time I can remember where an incumbent actually had a primary challenge when Patrick Flynn challenged rogers. Look at Joe Hume, who beat an excellent candidate, Livingston County Commissioner Dave Domas by just two lousy votes four years ago. Despite the lousy job Hune has done, he has never been challenged in the primary despite all the qualified republican candidates we have in the county. We need some accountability.
Winning the race is a long shot, but hopefully we will make Ward accountable to the people who live in the district. Accusing Mike McGonegal of being out of touch is absolutely ridiculous. He actually lives in the district and goes out every night and talks to voters.

Republican Michigander said...

Joe was a good candidate (not that Dave Domas wasn't). He did so by hitting 15 thousand doors and gaining the support of the western areas of the county in the primary and all areas in the general. He hasn't been primaried since he's done a good job for us here. Same goes for Chris and Valde (who had token opposition in his primaries). I see all of them often in the district working hard. Joe lives in the 47th. Chris still lives in Brighton. Valde lives about a mile from where I used to live in Howell.

As for McGonegal being out of touch, well - he has you as his official blogger with your false accusations against Chris. Your attacks are nothing new, since you trashed gun owners when your were writing editorials for the Argus.

And you gotta remember this isn't Ann Arbor. We don't have the big city values of tax raising, abortion, weakness, and gun grabbing out here. Real people live here. That's why national democrats aren't competitive anymore, even in Pinckney and Unadilla where there is some democrat tradition. Today's democrats represent San Francisco, Manhattan, and the elitist rich leftists while they abandon working families.

Communications guru said...

What a load of crap, even for you. Joe is a very nice guy and a great candidate, but not an effective Legislature. He even topped Ward, but not by much, for the money spent on him by lobbyists for free meals. By the way, do you work for him too? I guess I need to check out his campaign finance report because you would never disclose it.
If I’m making false accusations, then why don’t you disprove them? No one has yet because they are true. As for the other stuff, I stood by it then, I stand by it now and challenge you to disprove anything as not factual.