Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chris Ward receives “Make a Difference Award”

Chris Ward Receives Recognition for Fighting for Equity in School Funding

Representative Chris Ward recently received the “Make a Difference Award” from the Huron Valley Schools Board of Education in recognition of his support to narrow the gap in the per pupil foundation allowance of Michigan public schools, and also for his continued support for Huron Valley Schools.

“It is truly an honor to receive this award from the Huron Valley Schools Board of Education,” said Ward. “Every budget cycle, I have fought hard to continue to lessen the gap in funding for school districts. Although it’s a first step in that process, securing equity payments for lower funded school districts is one of the greatest accomplishments of my legislative career and I remain committed to continue to fight for dollars for our area schools.”

Under budget agreements approved by the Legislature late this summer, public education received the highest levels of funding in the state’s history with an additional $210 in per-pupil funding; $20 million to bolster middle school math programs; $20 million to decrease the funding gap between the state’s lowest- and highest-funded school districts; and $10.7 million in additional funding for early childhood education.

In addition to the foundation grants, Representative Ward fought hard to see that a $23 per-pupil equity payment used to bring lower-funded schools in line with higher-funded districts was included. Area schools have been receiving less than $7150 per-pupil foundation allowances and this equity payment helps bring them in line with other districts.

“I’ve said time and time again that our local schools are among the fastest growing in Michigan but receive some of the lowest foundation grant allotments of any area in the state. This equity payment helps lessen the gap,” Ward said. “Even though Proposal A has been somewhat successful in lessening the gap between the highest and lowest funded schools, we still need to do more to work towards greater equality when it comes to funding our children’s education. Students in all school districts deserve the best possible education we can provide them no matter where they live.”

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