Tuesday, October 24, 2006

DeVos in Genoa Twp, Howell Schools update

First off, DeVos was in town yesterday for our county's Reagan Day Dinner. His speaking is much improved from the debates, and he makes a good case in replacing our current "Matt Millen" of governors.

I missed the fiasco at the Howell School Board meeting going on at the same time but talked to a few people for a recap. For background information, go to Wendy Day's blog. Apparantly, the place was backed and split about 50/50 between her supporters and opposition. Much of the opposition have turned out to be real jokers and then some with their personal attacks. Granted what I heard there is secondhand, but I've seen the firsthand stuff on this blog. A couple of jokers on Wendy Day's blog are resorting to the juvenille (apologies to juveniles) tactic of posting under someone else's name (including mine). That's just stupid. This stuff makes Kevins/Communications Guru look like a statesman. At least he posts under his own screenname and gives an arguement.

Let's put this thing into some perspective. You have a few establishment types all in a snit because Wendy posted information about a SILENT protest organized by a chuch in Virginia. Wendy herself only made one comment about this supporting free speech. Granholm pushed for a similar type of protest over gay issues a few years back. I doubt the same people all in a snit over this had one over Granholm's event. Let's at least have some consistancy here. Also, why is the left so up in arms about ONE person on the school board.

Also, rumor has it that Howell Schools' tax raising leader Bonnie White is behind the recall and is passing out fliers promoting it. I also heard that any recall effort against Wendy will be brought against at least three of the sitting Howell School Board members. If there's one recall, they will all recall.

I can't speak for the LOVE Group as I'm not a member. However, as a member and former treasurer of the Concerned Taxpayers Group and its PAC, I'll be urging our members to get involved in any recall attempt/defense if either A. A fiscal conservative is being recalled or B. A big spender is being recalled. This is as much about fiscal issues as it is social issues, especially when Bonnie White is involved in this.

My own preference - No recalls, and settle everything in the scheduled elections.

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Curley Sue said...

At Monday night's school board meeting the school's Auditor reported that Howell Public Schools has a Fund Balance of 1.2%. The State Average is 14%. Someone said that a 1.2% Fund Balance (which would let us operate for 4 days before massive layoffs and cost cutting would have to take place), is "NO BIG DEAL". Not only is this just plain silly, it's an attempt to make the best of a bad situation.

Fiscal soundness is based on tried and true fiscal principals that have stood the test of time, no matter if we're talking about a public body or a private or public corporation.

For example, if you had 10 school districts that went to issue bonds at the same time and 5 of them had a fund balance reserve of 1-2%, and the other 5 had a fund balance of 10-15%, the credit reporting agencies like S&P, Moody's, Fitch, etc, would give the 5 school districts with the higher fund balance a much higher credit rating than the 5 with the lower fund balance, all things being equal.

HOWELL PUBLIC SCHOOLS HAS SUCH A LOW FUND BALANCE FOR ONE SIMPLE REASON: Over the past few years, it has simply been spending more than it takes in and has no resolve to contain it's spending. We've been giving out pay raises we could not afford for years.

Could we stop talking about protests and start focusing on our fiscal and logistical woes? We really need to have this Board give it their best shot and let's see how they do. It's time for us to show our children, by example, how to be responsible with our money, how to get the most bang from our buck, how to live within our means, and certainly, how to get along. Let's not teach them, by example, how to call names and bully.