Friday, October 13, 2006


I have been caught up in a ton of work here, so I haven't been able to post updates. Things should open up slightly after Monday.

The judges had their debate Tuesday. All of them did well. Jay Drick did a very good job of contrasting his experience advantage against his pro-abortion opponent, Theresa Brennan.

In other news the absentee voting ballots are now stating to come out. Election Day for all intents and purposes - is now.

How to vote on the ballot proposals
1. Tough Call
2. Yes (Ban Affirmative Action)
3. Yes (Hunting - a yes keeps, a no bans)
4. Yes (Eminent Domain, Yes bans, no puts dependency on the Michigan Supreme Court)
5. No (Increases spending on MESSA and Pensions, not classrooms)

Lastly, good news for the GOP - Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner is NOT running for president. Warner, IMO was the dems best shot for winning.


jusmyopin said...

Sorry Dan, no dove hunting in this household. There are plenty of other fowl game. Leave the poor doves alone.

Curley Sue said...

Welcome back Dan! Thanks for the tips.

the scoop said...

Just a question on prop 2 -- do you realize that if it passes, stuff like a girls camp for engineering put on by UofM (to get more girls involved an industry where there are very few) would be banned? is that what you really want?

And there's no reason to hunt doves. plan and simple.