Sunday, October 29, 2006

Argus endorses DeVos

Frankly, I'm shocked. The Argus endorsed the entire top of the democrat ticket in 02, and backed John Kerry in 04.

Michigan, perhaps more than any other state, is mired in a sea of high unemployment and the continued loss of attractive manufacturing jobs. The result is a drain on state revenue, which limits the funds needed to provide essential state services.

A governor cannot fairly be blamed for the global changes that have wreaked havoc on the state's economic base. But a governor must provide the leadership for our state to reinvent itself so that its citizens can thrive in the 21st century.

While undeniably an intelligent, caring and charismatic person, Gov. Jennifer Granholm has failed to demonstrate the required level of leadership needed in Michigan. Her style has failed. That's why voters should select Republican DICK DeVOS as Michigan's next governor.

Granholm's defenders argue that she has been prevented from dealing with a bad economy by obstructionist Republican lawmakers. That's a bad argument on two fronts.
First, that indicates that she will be no more effective in a second term if Republicans continue to rule both the House and the Senate. Second, the governor has come up short when it comes to specific programs that the Legislature could support or block.


Pogo said...

Jimmy Carter is an intelligent, caring and charismatic person but he was one of the worst Presidents in U.S. history. Wishing to do a good job and actually doing a good job are two vastly different things.

RKG said...

I always find it interesting when people are "shocked" by the Argus's endorsement or editorial decisions. If they are conservative they think the paper is a liberal rag. If they are liberal they think it a conservative puppet. It makes me think that we could ferret out conservatives and liberals by evaluating reactions to a set of editorials - like a Rorschach test. As for me, I would have been surprised it they didn't endorse DeVos but that's in part because I think the paper is just a conservative puppet and has neither the guts or courage to challenge the tired, lame thinking that passes for principal.

Gander Gardener said...

Um, DeVos may be a nice guy, but he's still never accomplished anything. If it's leadership you want, DeVos is the guy to bring it? That seems rather unlikely.

I would hasten to add the man has always put himself first. Business tax cuts, estate tax cuts, etc. His company tricks people into doing business with them, and he's made himself fabulously wealthy doing so.

The Argus's complaints about Granholm are a little too pat. Is Jennifer Granholm better suited to the job of governor? Yes indeed. That she hasn't been able to right the ship should not be a reason to fire her. This is a really big ship, and it's been listing for awhile.

Curley Sue said...

What crap - every other state in these United States have governors that have righted their ships. Even Grand Rapids, where Dick DeVos is from, is not experiencing a recession. Ohio and Indiana are not experiencing our recession. In fact, their Governors have grabbed some new auto plants away from our business unfriendly State. What, no "buck stops here" for the Dems?? Time's up on this disasterous leader. Charisma can only take you so far down the road and then you have to do something, anything. You can follow this pied piper on a long walk off a short pier, the rest of us are voting for the future of our State, our businesses, and our safety. Goodbye Granholm.

Me said...

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