Sunday, January 29, 2012

Canadian Oil now going to go to the Chinese

What a shocker.

Here, several hundred people gathered for hearings on whether a pipeline should be laid from the Alberta oil sands to the Pacific in order to deliver oil to Asia, chiefly energy-hungry China. The stakes are particularly high for the village of Kitamaat and its neighbors, because the pipeline would terminate here and a port would be built to handle 220 tankers a year and 525,000 barrels of oil a day.

But the planned Northern Gateway Pipeline is just one aspect of an epic battle over Canada's oil ambitions — a battle that already has a supporting role in the U.S. presidential election, and which will help to shape North America's future energy relationship with China.

Thanks to Obama's buddies in global warming cult, oil from our allies next door may be going to China. This puts puts more of our own oil to be imported from folks that don't like us very much. Hugo Chavez, Saudi Arabia. This may be Obama's worst act of all as Chief Executive. I don't blame Canada for this. Obama told them to eff off. They need to look out for their own best interests and if the US doesn't want their oil, someone would take it. This is NO good reason for denying the pipeline. NONE. There are plenty of good reasons to support the permit. Jobs. More energy here. Pipeline going through one of our newest and biggest energy fields in North Dakota.

"But what about global warming."

Besides the fact that any 125 (at most) year study is beyond worthless (due to length) at judging long term planet climate which has changed several times in the past billions of years, the fact is that energy will be used. If it isn't used by us, someone will use it.

Obama needs to reverse course on this traitorous decision ASAP.


Communications guru said...

China was always going to get the oil. With Keystone, big oil gets the profits, foreign countries get the oil and Americans get all the risks. Keystone is about protecting the profits of big oil campaign donors and hurting the President politically -- not about America's best interests. We'd get all the risks and not even get the oil. The Canadian oil that would be carried on Keystone is not destined for America; it's destined to be shipped overseas.

There are lots of good reason for denying this oil company giveaway, and Global Warming is just one. Just ask Nebraska Republicans.


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Communications guru said...

Hatemonger is a better handle, but you’re right at home in today’s Republican Party.

Paul said...

I do not think this is really a traitorous decision from Chief Executive but merely a part of his green-friendly election campaign because the oil which would be flowing through Keystone XL is an oil extracted from tar sands which is regarded as a "dirty oil". But it is only a matter of time until the government realizes that Canada's oil, whether regarded dirty or not, is still an oil rather not cheap because is just above the border and not somewhere in a desert overseas.

Communications guru said...

You don’t “think this is really a traitorous decision from Chief Executive?” How is that even a consideration? Again, this cold, molasses-like substance will go on the open market, not to the U.S. The President hasn’t said no, although I’m not sure he should say yes. The deadline is too short. There’s a good reason Nebraska doesn’t want the route to go near their largest aquifer. It really doesn’t make much sense to me why this is going through the U.S. because Canada has seaports on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Why Texas? Why not s shorter and perhaps safer route to refineries in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio or even Detroit?