Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perry drops out

It's too bad that verbal gaffes and style count more than actual records these days. I originally supported Perry because of his record. I was rethinking due to his implosion, but was going full circle back there with my leanings again after Obama just screwed over this country once again to please his base of global warming nutters. He said no to the pipeline. Gas is around $3.50. Obama wants it $5.00. Send the oil from our Canadian allies to China instead. Good job. Really.

Perry was a better governor than he was a presidential campaigner. Perry wasn't a bad governor. He's experienced, and most importantly did not screw up the Texas economy like Granholm did here in Michigan. He also understood domestic energy and its importance. Perry's endorsed Newt. With Perry and Huntsman gone, it's down to Romney, Paul, Santorum, and Newt. Newt really isn't all that much different than Romney with the flips except a more conservative record than Mitt. Santorum's similar to Bush with his record. Ron Paul is who he is.

I'm going to wait and see what happens with South Carolina and Florida and make my final primary decision from there.

In other news, Conservative Jack Hoogendyk, former state rep and Core Principles blogger Jack Hoogendyk wants a rematch against moderate Fred Upton. Jack lost 42,182 to 31,660 in the little publicized (at least in East Michigan) 2010 primary. It may get more interesting this time. At worst, this pushes Upton to the right a bit on issues like energy.

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