Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Hampshire results

The second primary/caucus is in, and Romney won big with almost 40%.

With 87% in:

Mitt Romney - 39%
Ron Paul - 23%
Huntsman - 17%
Newt - 9%
Santorum - 9%
Perry - 1%

South Carolina is next. It'll be interesting to see if:
1. Any more folks drop.
2. Will there be a consensus opponent to Rommey. Right now it looks like this could end up being a Romney/Paul race. Huntsman made some noise, but he'd didn't break 20%. Santorum couldn't break 10% after Iowa.

The field sucks. Obama sucks more.


Communications guru said...

That means 60 percent voted against the mittster. I do agree that the field sucks, but that’s not surprising when you consider they are Republicans. It doesn’t much matter who wins because they will lose to President Obama, but its great entertainment.

Downtown Brown said...

Mister Guru...It is not uncommon for the winner of New Hampshire to get 30-45%..since the race still has numerous candidates in the race. The fact that almost half of Ron Pauls voters were Dems who crossed over to build his base artificially shouldn't be ignored. So really Romney ran a way with it. The Iowa caucus is still unofficial and Santorum could still sneak to the top with a few votes. But next is SC and Florida..I think we are looking at a Narrow Romney win of 5-7% over.......Santorum...I think Newt is shooting himself in the feet, as he is so good at..and Santorum will beat him narrowly. Huntsman and Perry both drop out on Sunday the 22nd. Then Romney rolls over the whole bunch in Florida with Santorum 20 points behind. who will then decide he's done too. Romney vs. Ron Paul goes on for 3 more months. Paul never breaks 35% in any Primary or caucus. I would like to thanks Newt for bringing up the Bain stuff now...Romney will have months to work thru it. Obama wanted it for his October surprise. Curses foiled again. Romney wins with over 300 Electorals in November. Including Ohio, Florida, NEV, Col., Michigan and Wisconsin. i give even odds for Pennsylvania, Oregon,
New Jersey, Maine and Wash. State!

MrGuru Obama is planning on using the Kerry map of 2004 and then getting 29 more electorals to get over the 270... Romney will take NH and Michigan at the very least...Now Obamster needs to fine 47 EV's out of that map.. even with Florida in his pocket he wouldn't have enough. http://www.270towin.com/ Check out the 2004 map and then use the 2012 map to recalculate for this November.