Saturday, January 28, 2012

State House Redistricting - District 68 (HD-68)

State House - District 68
Current Rep - Joan Bauer (D-Lansing) - Termed Out

GOP - Timothy Moede (R-Lansing)
Dem - Andy Schorr (D-Lansing)

Update 5-26-2012 - That's a primary. I'm not going to even hazard a guess here, although I've seen a lot of Leeman and Schorr signs for other races in past elections.

Update 8-30-2012 - Timothy Moede and Andy Schor won their primaries.

Old District (68th)
Joan Bauer - 22,833
Harilaos Sorovigas - 6,075

This district expands some to take more of Lansing. It picks up parts of SW Lansing making this district even more Democrat. It still covers most of Lansing and Lansing Township and is safe for the democrats due to unions, MSU on the east, government workers, and minorities. It was a 74.7% Obama district and usually runs about 2/3 dem at the top of the ticket.

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