Saturday, January 28, 2012

State House Redistricting - District 63 (HD-63)

State House - District 63
Current Rep - Jace Bolger (R-Marshall)

Old District (63rd)
Jace Bolger - 20,135
Dave Morgan - 12,408

GOP - Jace Bolger  (R-Marshall)
Dem - Bill Farmer (R-Scotts)

This district got safe at the cost of conceding for probably 10 years the Battle Creek/Albion district (HD-62). Bolger never had any problems, but probably thought himself a target as he's Speaker. The only real bad spot in this district was adding one small part of Kalamazoo Twp and to a lesser extent Comstock Twp. It's still a 50% McCain district, which shouldn't be a problem anywhere west of Jackson County unless you have a poor candidate.

The new district includes all of Southern Calhoun County outside of Albion Twp. It also includes Marshall, Emmett Twp, and Margengo Twp in Calhoun County. It also has all of the eastern half of Kalamazoo County, as well as a small part of Kalamazoo Twp.

Bolger should have no problem getting a third term unless he blunders badly. The open seat will lean GOP.

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