Saturday, August 26, 2006

Acceptable/unacceptable 2008

Acceptable/unacceptable 2008 - From GOP Bloggers.


RKG said...

I didn't vote in your poll but found the question that asks how conservative I am interesting. It assumes that in order to be or vote Republican I have to be conservative, especially by requiring me to identify myself as a "lefty troll" if I choose not to call myself conservative. If by conservative you mean a view of things that includes fiscal restraint and a less intrusive government, it's hard for me to see how a party that runs up record deficits and tolerates warrantless wiretaps and indefinite detention of its citizens without charges can call itself conservative. And, if that's now conservative, I shudder to think what it means to be "ultraconervative." I think one of the things both parties need to do is damper down the use of labels as shorthand for ideas and sell the idea itself so that those of us who simply want to see the best person elected to do the best job possible are not pushed out of the process because we are simply a "lefty troll" or a "RINO" as if that's a scarlet letter. Hey, my vote counts as much as your vote does and I'd think you would be happy to have it. After all, there's no way anyone who ranks themselves a 3 or higher on your scale is ever going to vote anything but Republican. It seems you should be doing more to convince those who might vote for the other guy that your guy deserves my vote. Calling me a "lefty troll" or a "RINO" doesn't serve that purpose and, in reality, tells me more about the blind loyalty arrogance that characterizes your party than anything.

Patrick Flynn said...

There should be a third column labeled: "NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS." That's the column that McCain, Juliani, Pataki, Frist, and Romney belong in.

RINOs are set to ruin our country.