Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Schwarz is sent home. Other primary results

The biggest news of the day is that Joe Schwarz is sent home, replaced by Tim Walberg. Walberg brought his GOTV machine from 2004 back, and this time had enough funding to win.

Tim Walberg - 53.04% - 33144 votes
Joe Schwarz - 46.96% - 29349 votes

By County:
Schwarz - 1,519 - 40.75%
Walberg - 2,209 - 59.25%

Schwarz - 5,648 - 57.54%
Walberg - 4,167 - 42.46%

Schwarz - 5,961 - 54.23%
Walberg - 5,032 - 45.77%

Schwarz - 1,917 - 32.16%
Walberg - 4,043 - 67.84%

Schwarz - 6,777 - 45.81%
Walberg - 8,018 - 54.19%

Schwarz - 2,569 - 31.12%
Walberg - 5,687 - 68.88%

Schwarz - 4,958 - 55.42%
Walberg - 3,988 - 44.58%

The biggest thing here scary to some bigwigs is that establishment endorsements really don't matter all that much. Almost all of the establishment in DC and in state party leadership backed Schwarz. Most organizations did as well. They all lost. McCain, Bush, the NRA, John Engler, Saul Anuzis, John Boehner and much of Congress. Walberg certainly isn't going to owe the establishment anything. Hopefully he'll be ready to stand up to the big spenders out there. Good luck to him. We need more Tim Walbergs out there.

Out of state - Joe Lieberman is sent home in Connecticutt, but is deciding to run as an independent. We'll see what happens. Cynthia McKinney in DeKalb Georgia is also sent home. Good riddance.

I'll get to the US Senate race and county results later today.


Keith Richards said...
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Arminius said...

Yesterday was a great day. Congratulations to Walberg and congratulations to John Knowles in East Lansing.

Pogo said...

Well Dan, I won't come to you for advise in picking winners but I am very pleased with the outcome of most races on Tuesday.

Pogo said...

The really amazing thing in the Walberg/Schwarz race is not just that Walberg won, but that he defeated the heavily favored incumbant in a landslide.

Well done, Tim Walberg!

Keith Richards said...

There is a war raging inside the Republican party between conservatives and so called "moderates". The race between Walberg and Schwarz was the focal point of this war in Michigan and should send a message to Republicans like Saul Anuzis and L. Brooks Patterson that conservatives are NOT going to roll over and play dead while they try to move our party to the left.

In case anyone missed the article on how L. Brooks Patterson is waging a battle against conservative precinct delegates in Oakland County, here it is:

Sorry, I grabbed the wrong link for my previous (deleted) post. Patterson says he is just trying to get rid of "intolerant" people. I guess Patterson is intolerant of conservatives. This is the actual address to the article:

The Adrian Insider said...

Joe Schwarz supports forming a Third Party - After being sounded defeated in Tuesday's Republican primary, Michigan Congressman Joe Schwarz says he supports the idea of forming a Third Party.
Schwarz, a moderate, seems to favor a center-minded third party and even thinks John McCain and Joe Lieberman would make a "dream ticket" in 2008 presidential campaign.
Whether that so-called "dream ticket" is Republican, Democrat or even a new Third Party remains unknown....

Count Me Red said...

Adrian, Swartz won't win as a third party candidate either. We tried him out, didn't like him. Nothing hard to understand about that. When we tell our Reps. what we want and they don't listen, guess what, we replace them. That's democracy in action. I love it.