Tuesday, August 01, 2006

When is it litterbug season?

If there is one thing that really bothers me, it's jerks that go out and litter beer bottles. On my way back from my dad's house in the middle of the country, I saw two beer bottles in the middle of the road. How much effort does it take to take them back to the store for 10 cents?

It's times like this when I wish the DNR would put in place a litterbug season during the summer between turkey and deer season.

They have no taste in beer either. Miller Lite?


Keith Richards said...

Tell me about it Dan. I have several hundred feet of frontage on a very busy road and I fill up a trash bag a couple times per month during the nice weather with all the garbage pitched out by passing motorists. I've always wondered why some people find it so difficult to take their trash home for proper disposal like normal people do.

kimbalika said...

I completely agree. How hard is it to keep it in your car with you?

The same goes for cigarette butts. Why don't smokers consider them litter? I was walking through a parking lot the other day, when a man tossed a cigarette butt out the window and almost hit me. All he could say was "oops".