Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Election Day - Time to vote

UPDATED - Voted in Howell, #134 - about 70 absentees as well. Light turnout, no waiting.

UPDATED 2 - Secretary of State's election results

Today's the primary. All informed voters should vote. It's particulary important for Livingston County residents as several tax millages are also on the ballot. Besides the judicial races (Vote Jay Drick!!!) covered extensively, we have primaries for US Senate, US Congress (Go Mike), State Senate (Go Valde), and District 5 County Commissioner (Howell, Cohoctah, Conway Twp). The democrats have a primary for county commissioner in Hamburg.

For central Oakland County residents, Joe Knollenberg needs our support. He's facing a challenge from a RINO.

In the 7th District, Go Tim Walberg!!!

For state rep - I hope Mike Bosnic and John Knowles get the nod.

Democrats I could stomach - Patrick Baker in Lansing. John Gleason in Flint. Gleason's pro-2a. Baker's pro-life. Those are solid democrat districts about as democrat as Livingston County is Republican. Baker and Gleason are the best we can get there.

Over in Connecticutt, Joe Lieberman is in serious trouble. Cynthia McKinney is in a runoff election today in DeKalb County, Georgia.

County Election Results - Click here

Lunch Bucket Conservative blog also will have some election Results

Redstate is good for national results.

I may or may not be online later with updates.