Saturday, August 26, 2006

Putnam Township Supervisor Candidate Shane Noel Roscoe's Prior Convictions

The Argus has an online update on this case.

Putnam Township supervisor candidate Shane Roscoe claimed innocence Saturday afternoon, hours after his release by Washtenaw County authorities who arrested him Thursday afternoon in connection with an attempted robbery and beating at an Ann Arbor area auto dealership.

I neglected to mention in my previous post that Mr. Roscoe has a lot of priors. Even if he is innocent of this crime, this guy is a real embarassment for the Livingston Democrats. The democrats have a CONVICTED thief, robber, and stalker on their ticket.

Here's a list of his priors, courtesy of the Offender Tracking Information System. These are convictions, not charges where he was found innocent. These were all guilty or Nolo Contendere (No contest) pleas.

Prison Escape - Ionia - Sentencing Date - 9/8/86
Receiving Stolen Property - Washtenaw - 12/21/84
Receiving Stolen Property - Wayne - 11/2/84]
Breaking and Entering w Intent (Attempted) - Wayne - 10/10/84
Breaking and Entering w Intent (Attempted) - Wayne - 6/25/87
Unarmed Robbery - Wayne - 6/25/87
Stalking - Wayne - 2/12/97
Assault with a Dangerous Weapon - Livingston - 9/5/02
Larceny $1000-$20,000 - Oakland - 6/26/02
Larceny $1000-$20,000 - Oakland - 6/26/02
Receiving Stolen Property $1000-$20,000 - Oakland - 6/26/02

Now I'm not passing judgement on this current case as he is innocent till proven guilty. However, with ELEVEN priors, with the last offense on 1/25/01 (Livingston's ADW), is this a guy I'd want as a Township Supervisor? If he gets elected, I hope the treasurer in Putnam Township keeps a VERY close eye on the money for obvious reasons.


Keith Richards said...

Hey, Argus - make sure you save that url for the offender tracking information system. You obviously need to learn how to use it.

Virtous Woman said...

I agree innocent until proven guilty. I wish this guy had run in another county since I haven't met a single Democrat or Republican that even knows this guy.

money michigan said...

I'm shane Roscoe

many of you have read several news articals full of inaccurate information. first off I did not have anything to do with any crime related to the alleged search warrant. Second. EVERYONE IS STATING ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE,ASSAULT,ROBBERY ETC WELL THERE HAVE BEEN NO CHARGES FILED.
My conviction record listed is very inaccurate i did have convictions, served my time and rehabilitated myself. total covictions are 5 some if you look up the alleged alias names at otis they belong to other people. why they were listed on my name is beyond me look them up and compare. the alleged felonious assault in livingston county was an issue of a repo man and several individuals that came to my home in the middle of the night and i confronted them as they did not identify dangerouse weapon was a broom and nobody was assaulted, i never left my porch.. had i not had prior convictions it would have never been an issue.this current issue is totally blown out of proportion yes i was taken into custody for questioning and i totally cooperated. do you think if there were any evidence against me i would be free to write this statement, with my past? get real!the only newspaper that keeps this issue alive is the republican run press argus. nothing but a tabloid that calls themselfs a news paper. well, argus get the facts right and get the true story of who i am and report it correctly! i have stated to you several facts that were never published, why won't you bring those to light? because it points to innocense, that is why we created a justice system however the media convicts before the wheels of justice have a chance to work. I knew my past would come up when i chose to run for public office. I am still the same person who decided to run and will continue to run. my beliefs are the same and i still feel this township needs someone that will stand up for it and fight for what is right .As far as being a thief, as someone stated under assumed names here (coward),if anyone of you can walk in my shoes of being on there own from the age of 13 and still survive then stand up and say so i'm not proud of my past but i did what i did as a kid to survive. I'm very proud of the man i am today. people ask who I am , well ask my neighbors. I am the one who will give you a helping hand, the one who will go out and fill your fridge with food when you can't afford to feed your kids, and I'm the one that will fight to keep drugs out of our schools. I'm the one and only candidate that is seeking better police protection for this township, does that sound like someone who wants to be a criminal? "No"! its someone that has seen the worst in life and knows first hand how to keep our township safe and prevent it from being made into a non rural, drug infested crime ridden area!. I'm a fighter and I'll stand up for my beliefs. I have no agenda, I dont have to say yes on issues that are wrong to save face i can stand up and say when things are wrong. So before you cast the stones and persecute me for my past Look at me for who i am now.

money michigan said...

When you judge another person you do not define them. You merely define yourself as someone who needs to judge.

True nobility is not about being better than anyone else; it is about being better than you used to be.

Godsangel said...

Well me and some other people do think that you either know who did the jim bradley incident or you know more than what you are telling. I think that you are a low down person and you will get yours because God sees everything. Believe that!!!

fortune500mag said...

It's funny how even though Mr roscoe was cleared by dna nobody ever followed up on it. The only result of the dna was to prove he was a direct desendant of betsy ross

Anonymous said...

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