Monday, August 14, 2006

DeVos names Ruth Johnson as lieutenant governor nominee

From an email from DeVos Campaign

Dick DeVos today announced that Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson would join him on the ticket to bring change to Michigan this November. Johnson is a former state legislator, county commissioner, social worker and public school teacher who has devoted her career to public service.

'Ruth Johnson joins the Team for Change ready to help lead Michigan's turnaround,' said DeVos. 'Her decades of public service at the state level and in Michigan's second largest county make her qualified to assume the Governorship if necessary. She is a strong leader with a distinguished record of reform and of doing the right thing for Michigan's children, families and taxpayers.'

Johnson is the first woman elected clerk in Oakland County's 176-year history. She reformed the office, providing many online services to residents and saving Oakland County taxpayers millions of dollars. Her resume includes serving three terms as a state legislator in Lansing where she was Assistant Whip in the House. Johnson's experience as a county official and state legislator means she understands the unique local and municipal government challenges Michigan residents face and can get the job done in Lansing.

'Standing here today it is impossible to share completely all of the thoughts and feelings that I have,' said Johnson. ''Honored' and 'privileged' don't even scratch the surface. Next to the day that I married my husband Don and the birth of our daughter Emmy, this is the greatest honor. I'm ready to work with Dick to bring much-needed change to our state. We will bring opportunity back to Michigan.'

Johnson was named as DeVos' nominee today at a press conference in Lansing.

I think this is a safe pick. It geographicaly balances a ticket, as Johnson is a woman from Oakland County, as well as a moderate (who probably isn't too liberal for the base). As far as I know, this won't alienate people. Personaly, I don't care that much who is picked for LT, as long as it isn't someone like Joe Schwarz who will alienate the base.


AuH2ORepublican said...

I would have liked for Keith Butler to be picked. Oh well.

Not-a-RINO said...

Agreed. Butler would have been a great choice.

Big Kahuna said...

Lets see...a woman...from Oakland County...seems pretty smart to me!

Luther said...

what do you think we should do with this

Gas Prices Are Fueling Midterm Political Races

Keith Richards said...

During peacetime economic issues are typically the critical factor in elections. Gas prices are definitely a major economic issue.

It is hard to say how much of a factor the war on terror will be. The arrests in Britain last week were a major reminder of the peril that we still face and are sure to be a topic in some races.

Count Me Red said...

What has Stab-a-cow brought home to us any how? Nothing. A little help on the gas prices would be nice. Some new jobs would have been nice. Some diversified business would have been nice. Better health care rates would have been nice. Lower taxes for our job creators would have been nice. Nope, nothing, nada. Time to give her the pink slip.

Keith Richards said...

The big issue I see with gas prices is that congress has done almost nothing to increase the domestic supply (these days new energy production always requires high level government approval)or encourage expansion of refinery capacity. They also should do more to encourage conservation.

I read an article recently which stated that U.S. coal reserves are large enough to supply ALL U.S. energy needs for hundreds of years and that oil shale in western states contains far more energy than all the worlds oil reserves combined. When combined with the other energy resources such as gas fields, oil fields, and tar sands in Canada, North America has the largest PROVEN energy reserves in the world.

If we were to make a serious effort to exploit these reserves the U.S. could be energy independent for hundreds of years.

So why has congress not passed a law giving priority to development of new technology that would allow the U.S. to become energy independent? Even if extraction costs are too high now, new technology always reduces costs over the long run. But we won't develop that technology until it is made a priority.

We can't do anything about the high cost of foreign oil. Maybe we won't be able to produce oil from oil shale for less than $3.00 per gallon (for gas). But U.S. energy independence would take money away from unstable middle eastern countries and remove the knife from the throat of the U.S. economy.

It is true that Democrats and RINO Republicans tend to block these initiatives. So why doesn't the conservative block in congress make this a major campaign issue? By doing and saying nothing Republicans are hurting their chances for re-election.