Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Primary Election Open Thread

For whatever reason, the last election thread is not allowing comments, so I have this open thread here.

I'm curious about the turnout around the state. Where I was, it was rather weak. It was even weaker in my parent's precinct.


Keith Richards said...

At my precinct I only saw one other voter while I was there. The election worker I talked to said that turnout has been very light so far.

There were no contested Democrat races in my precinct and a lot of people are not motivated to turn out for tax proposals and judge races.

Gokk said...

The turnout was awful here in GR.

I'm trying to organize a voter-registration rally for November, check it out:

jusmyopin said...

Slow, slow, slow, slow, long,long day for the workers of the election where I was. We had more voters for the school election in May.